Featuring unique Violin Tango, Fiddles of Fire, Circus Violin stunts, Hula Fiddle and more… from Australia’s most exciting string act.

Video 1 – excerpts from Gasworks Circus Showdown, Melbourne

Video 2 – excerpts from stage show at “La Ghironda” World Music Festival, Puglia, Italy

Video 4 – Velvet Royale Show – on Location in The Blue Mountains, Australia


Video 4 – Highlights from The Liqueur Flambé Show

Video 5 – Highlights from The Velvet Royale Show

Video 6 – a playlist of “Behind the Scenes” footage of Strings on Fire, including training, interviews & Nellie being set on fire for stunt training  (7 videos)

Video 7 – a playlist of Corporate Event Ideas, including the duo’s solo shows  (6 Videos)


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