Is the show dangerous or high risk?

No.  The show is exciting and there are key moments of perceived danger.  However, there is absolutely no danger to the audience, and the risks to Mare and Nellie are the same as for any other circus performers:  they are risks that are managed and trained for.  The benefit of booking a seasoned act like Strings on Fire is that you are booking their many years of training and experience.

What is the minimum amount of space required?

We have shows that can be presented in a 3 x 2 metre performing area, and 3 x 4 metre.  We have shows for very large stages, and are able to fill a theatre sized stage with our props, blocking and stage presence.

Some material requires a minimum of 3.5 metres clearance from performance floor to ceiling.  For example, the "Two-High" violin duet where Mare stands on Nellie's shoulders and they both play violin.  This stunt is an optional part of the show, but is usually included where headroom allows.

If you are looking for a performance in a smaller area, please contact us so we can present a specific proposal.

What’s the right length show for my event?

That depends on the kind of impact or atmosphere you want to create.   For example, a short high impact sting is perfect to open an event, or get everyone’s attention before announcing a main award.  A longer show can create interest and excitement through dinner.  Popular length shows that we present are 5 minutes, 6 minutes, 10 minutes, 12 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes and 30 minutes.

Can I further customise the packages?

Yes, you can add an additional performance spot by the duo or either by artist, break a main show into smaller shows, and a lot of other things.

Do I need to supply sound & lighting production?

Depending on the type of event.  If your event is in a hotel ballroom or function centre, a sound system and lighting is usually provided, along with experienced operator(s).  We usually supply our own wireless amplification systems for the violins.  For smaller events, we can supply the sound system, by arrangement.

For evening shows, it is important that the performers are well-lit.  If full lighting is available, we can provide the operator with lighting cues, which will enhance the performance.

What if fire isn't allowed in the venue where we’re having the event?

Some venues don't allow fire performance, but many hotel ballrooms and convention centres do.  If your venue doesn’t allow fire, we have a show that is specially designed for this: Velvet Royale.

What does your show involve without fire?  Is it still impactful without fire?

We perform many of our shows without fire.

Much of the material we have developed doesn’t include fire.  Therefore, we are not taking something away from our show but present material that features other enthralling stunts, visuals and music.

A presentation without fire can feature any or all of the following elements:

  • Acrobalance whilst playing our violins,
  • Tango whilst playing violin (with spectacular lifts),
  • Object Balancing (also called "Equilibrium") to a soundtrack (this could include a dangerous prop such as an axe and a long sword, some beautiful props such as a giant rose, silverware u0026amp; an antique violin)
  • Our totally unique Rola-Bola Violin stunt. Nellie simultaneously balances a rose while riding the rola-bola on a platform and plays a well-known theme on violin to a superb accompanying ...it is visually spectacular!
  • Hula-Fiddle routine
  • Our famous finale, where Mare stands on partner (Nellie's) shoulders and BOTH play violin.  Fire is an optional extra for this stunt.

How is a fire performance arranged?

This is something we are happy to do on your behalf.   We can liase with the venue and ensure that they have all the necessary info for fire approval.

For Fire shows, is there going to be smoke? Will this interfere with guests eating dinner?

Minimal smoke is emitted, and we use premium grade fuel, which is advertised as being "smokeless u0026amp; odorless" fire fuel.  It does not smell anything like kerosene or petrol.  There is a slight odor as it burns, as with any burning material.  However it is barely detectable and dissipates quickly.

We perform regularly in dinner situations, and have supporting documentation that we can provide outlining our procedures and precautions.

Is there sword swallowing in the show?

No.  The stunt involving the sword is a sword balance.  Nellie holds a special, custom-built knife in his mouth, and balance the tip of the sword on the tip of the knife.  This stunt is very popular and very spectacular!  It is suitable for audiences of all ages.

Will you travel overseas for a performance?

Absolutely! We regularly perform at international events, and are available for location weddings and special events in any part of the world.

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