Liqueur Flambé show

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A breathtaking show that has earned us the reputation of Australia’s hottest musical duo!


Fusing violin, tango and fire performance with a unique combination of circus stunts, this exceptional act highlights tremendous circus skills and impeccable musicianship. 


Featuring our signature "FireBows", the fire component of the performance can be tailored to your venue. Ranging from  scintillating highlights to a more dominant fire display featuring choreographed fire poi, fire eating and contemporary violin performance. 

For events demanding the ultimate fire artistry, the duo present their stunning giant flaming candelabra balance, fire juggling, and an incredible flaming violin.

  • themed events include

    • Venetian
    • Renaissance
    • Baroque
    • Ball / Masked Ball
    • Dark Circus
    • Arabian 

  • Liqueur Flambé - show specifications

    • 5 minute to 30 minutes
    • scalable fire component
    • Flash Bow effect included
    • Height clearance depends on content

  • Fully Insured
  • Best Practices
  • Casino-standard risk assessment
  • 100% Safety Record

The musical content of the Liqueur Flambé Show includes beautifully presented backing tracks and mesmerising violin solos.

Live Video highlights - Liqueur Flambé Show

Quick grabs from one piece in the show - a fire poi & violin duet to a remix of the gypsy classic "Czardas".

Live performance by Strings on Fire

    Strings on Fire ended up being the stars of the evening with their circus inspired music act. 

Satisfied Clients

Strings on Fire have wowed companies such as Redbull, EA Games and Elders with their amazing Liqueur Flambé Show.

Special event poster, Strings on Fire, Taipei 2018

Pre-show entertainment package

For elegant ambience, consider Classical violin duets with "The Undercover Violinists".  Ambush openings, which begin as a violin performance then escalate into a unique violin stunt show, have surprised and enthralled audiences the world over.

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