velvet royale show

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An astounding mix of sensational circus stunts and Tango combined with Classical and contemporary violin. 

Dazzling glamour and excitement, stunning visual presentation, production backing tracks and breathtaking sections of solo violin... all whilst performing totally unique circus stunts.  The show is guaranteed to amuse, amaze and totally engage any audience.

  • themed events include

    • Venetian
    • Renaissance
    • Baroque
    • Ball / Masked Ball
    • Dark Circus

  • Velvet Royale - show specifications

    • up to 20 minutes
    • no fire component
    • LED routine included
    • Flash Bow effect included
    • Height clearance depends on content

  • Fully Insured
  • Best Practices
  • Casino-standard risk assessment
  • 100% Safety Record

Video Highlights - Velvet Royale Show

Highlights from the show - to our remix of Brahms' famous "Hungarian Dance"


The beautifully choreographed LED "Hula-Fiddle" routine is a crowd-pleaser.


    “The show was outstanding and brilliant.  I liked the fact that it was classy, intimate and brilliant all in one.  It impressed me more than anything I’ve seen for a long time, and I’m not easily impressed.  Absolutely breathtaking in a classy, intimate way.”

Explorer 2-11-361

SIGNATURE PIECE:  Dancing a Tango whilst playing two parts on the one violin.

prestige events

Strings on Fire have presented the Velvet Royale Show at prestigious events for Hyundai, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, The Cancer Council, Royal Caribbean Cruises and many more.

Pre-show entertainment package

For elegant ambience, consider Classical violin duets with "The Undercover Violinists".  Ambush openings, which begin as a violin performance then escalate into a unique violin stunt show, have surprised and enthralled audiences the world over.

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